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New American Home returns to Las Vegas with latest technology, innovations

By Valerie Putnam, Las Vegas Review-Journal

Designed to inspire.

The 2023 New American Home showcases industry innovations, revolutionary design concepts, construction techniques and lifestyle trends.

The official show home of the annual National Association of Home Builders International Builder’s Show, the New American Home returns to Las Vegas after a short two-year run in Orlando, Florida, marking the project’s 40th year.

“We’re back in Vegas for 2023 through 2025,” said Tucker Bernard, executive director at NAHB, Leading Supplies Council, New American Home, New American Remodel. “We go back to Orlando for 2026 then return to Vegas permanently for the foreseeable future.”

Michael Gardner, principal and founder of Studio g Architecture and Luxus Design Build, was awarded the project. Gardner and his team of nine staffers designed the New American Remodel 2019 in the Las Vegas Historic District. He also served as the architect on the 2013 and 2016 New American Homes.

“Michael is a fabulous architect,” Bernard said. “He was the perfect fit. He had experience being the architect on several NAH homes.”

The 2023 New American Home is under construction at 19 Rockstream Drive in Ascaya, a luxury Henderson residential community. The showcase home unveils to event attendees during next year’s International Builders’ Show, Jan. 31-Feb. 2, 2023, in Las Vegas.

“It was always the next step for us,” Gardner said. “We wanted to work on the NAH. It exposes us to new and innovative products but also helps us stretch ourselves as designers.”

Sited on the 0.5-acre lot, the two-story contemporary-styled property showcases breathtaking views of the Strip and surrounding mountains.

“We’re calling the home Vegas Sophistication,” Gardner said. “Its goal is to represent the maturity we’re starting to see happen with design and the importance of it. We’re shying away from the traditional Vegas; what I call the ‘shock-and-awe’ design.”

The overall scheme incorporates layered effects and finishes throughout the home while integrating organic materials and warm neutral tones.

Breaking ground in December 2021, Gardner and his team are on an aggressive construction schedule with only 10 months to complete the project. He is undergoing discussions with companies to determine the project’s final partnerships and hopes to have everything finalized by the end of May, but he is facing shipping delays.

“Unlike other years, there are people who want to participate but they can’t guarantee they’re going to have product available,” Gardner said. “It’s very hard to take an integrated approach to the design if you don’t know what’s going to show up.”

The 2023 NAB features five en suite bedrooms including a primary and junior master suite; flex bedroom/office space; 6½ baths, including a primary bath with infrared sauna; elevator; multiuse game room; covered patio with outdoor kitchen; striking 12-foot two-sided fireplace; and pool bath with steam shower.

The home’s ingenious main-level, groutless monolithic floor demonstrates a novel idea to traditional flooring options.

“The market has been trained to think tile,” Gardner said. “That’s what this home is supposed to do. Take the norms and turn them upside down, shake them around a bit and develop some unique solutions.”

Gardner plans to use the same groutless concept in the bath’s shower surrounds.

“We wanted to create a lower maintenance but higher design,” Gardner said. “It’s a rare approach and going to be done in a very subtle way.”

Its multilevel infinity-edge pool takes advantage of the lot’s topography. The upper level features a lounging area, shallow pool and wet deck while the infinity-edge spills into a lower linear lap pool.

“Instead of just having a trough, which most homes do,” Gardner said, “we’ll make it usable by expanding it 2 feet wider and suddenly you can swim in it.”

Still in development, the kitchen’s design incorporates dual spaces, each with a distinct purpose and function. The central kitchen, designed as an extension of the main living area, is a showpiece for entertaining. It will have a sleek contemporary design with innovative integrated smart appliances and LED lighting. An adjacent working kitchen serves as an extension of the main galley and functions as food preparation.

“It gives you flexibility with the additional cooking area,” Gardner said. “And allows you to keep the main kitchen pristine and clean.”

The main level’s seamless indoor-outdoor connection, accessed through a unique 44-foot six-panel door system, spans across the back of the home. Each panel is approximately 7 feet wide by 10 feet high. Each panel is separated by a three-quarter-inch thick metal strip. The innovative system provides opening and closing flexibility through a series of different combinations. A similar three-panel door system is planned for the home’s entry.

“I think it’s going to be very unique,” Gardner said. “And has a minimal visual impact. It’s different from most windows and doors you see in Vegas.”

Designed as the forefront of energy efficiency, the 7,575-square-foot home is being built to achieve National Green Building Standard Emerald certification, Energy Star certification, Indoor airPlus certification, DOE’s Zero Energy Ready Home Program Certification and net-zero status.

Achieving this high level of efficiency is not an easy task. Rather, it requires precise design calculations and engineering. Gardner’s holistic approach uses technology with enhanced construction methods.

With the standard Home Energy Rating System Index for residential construction being 100, Gardner’s multifaceted design focuses on exceeding last year’s minus 28 HERS.

“Every time they do one of these homes, they are trying to one-up,” Gardner said. “We’re shooting for a minus 30.”

An efficient building envelope system, solar with battery wall backup, energy-efficient appliances, exterior overhangs, interior and exterior shading system and zoned HVAC system are a few of the innovative elements integrated.

In addition to construction methods, a primary focus of the home’s design is integrating wellness and multifunction flex spaces.

“We look at the concept of wellness as both the environment the home creates as well as the functionality and features of the home,” Gardner said. “I don’t like to use the word green or healthy. It’s better to talk wellness because it is something I believe is more personal.”

Partnering with NordicTrack, Gardner plans to design a cutting-edge indoor/outdoor gym/flex space within a section of the garage. Integrating a fitness room in the garage showcases a unique approach to the space.

“After COVID, people realize they want their homes to be more encompassing,” Gardner said. “Live, work, exercise and play at home. That is an underlying theme to the home, as well.”

The 2023 NAH further showcases the latest in cutting-edge products, such as televisions, smart-home technology, appliances and other home innovations.

“LG came out with a roll-up television,” said Gardner, who is in discussions with LG Corp., to show off the television in the home. “It rolls up vertically, and you can tuck in underneath a bed or in a piece of furniture. It’s a cool innovation, especially for Vegas. You can make a television come and go to maximize the Strip view.”

The LG Signature Oled R television is planned to release this year for a price tag of $100,000.

Additional highlights include a fully integrated Crestron Smart Home system, controlling all of the home’s features easily through a Crestron Smart Home App and occupancy sensors. Installed to control lights and activate tankless water heaters in the baths, occupancy sensors provide convenience and energy savings.

“Occupancy sensors add a great layer of technology to the home,” Gardner said. “People walk in, and the light turns on. Then you leave the room, and it turns itself off. You don’t have to touch the switch.”

The home will be exhibited fully furnished including all of the artwork, furnishings and household items. His team is collaborating on the interior design with Elma Gardner, who is the owner and president of By Design and Michael Gardner’s mother.

“It’s going to be a bit of a family affair,” Gardner said. “It’s a turnkey project, so we get to design down to that level, which I think is very fun.”

With the NAH, Bernard said the NAHB is searching for a remodeler to tackle The New American Remodel. The participant’s renovated show home will be featured at the 2023 NAHB International Builders’ Show.

“This is a tremendous opportunity to feature the latest technological advancements in the industry with designated products provided by members of the NAHB Leading Supplier Council,” Bernard said.

Those interested in The New American Remodel are invited to send an email to Bernard at and designate TNAR Featured Home on the subject line.

About the home

Location: 19 Rockstream Drive, Ascaya in Henderson

Size: The home is sited on 0.5 acres and measures 7,575 square feet. It has five en suite bedrooms, including a private primary suite and junior master suite; flex bedroom/office space; 6.5 baths, including primary bath with infrared sauna; and attached four car garage.

Features: Custom contemporary designed two-story estate; energy-efficient design/net-zero; grout less monolithic flooring throughout; formal living and dining spaces; elevator; multiuse game room; fitness room; main showcase kitchen with adjacent working kitchen; 44-foot, six-panel door system; three-panel door entry; covered patio with outdoor kitchen; upper-level deck with bar and conversation area; multilevel infinity-edge pool; 12-foot two-sided fireplace; pool bath with steam shower; solar system with backup; occupancy sensors; Crestron Smart Home system; LG Signature Oled R rollup television; custom lighting throughout; and fully furnished.

History: Las Vegas architect Michael Gardner is building the 2023 New American Home as a showcase for the annual National Association of Home Builders International Builder’s Show to be held in Las Vegas Jan. 31-Feb. 2.

Originally published in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. To read the entire article, go to

Luxury home designs go high-tech

By Valerie Putnam, Las Vegas Review-Journal

One leading example showcasing the technological trends in the housing industry is The New American Home, which will be featured at the National Association of Home Builders’ International Builders Show when it returns to Vegas in 2023 after a two-year run in Orlando, Florida.

Las Vegas contractor and architect Michael Gardner, principal of Henderson-based studio g Architecture and Luxus Design Build, is building the 7,575-square-foot, two-story NAH in Ascaya, a Henderson luxury community. He said the purpose of the home is to integrate the latest technology and showcase new advancements.

The four-bedroom, three-bath property showcases a fully integrated Crestron system. Controlling all the home’s features through a Crestron Home App, the system provides control through multiple inputs, including a smart device, mounted panels and a designated remote.

Gardner is in discussions with South Korea-based LG, a global manufacturer that produces a wide range of home appliances and electronics, to install a significant television innovation.

“LG came out with a roll-up television,” Gardner said. “It rolls up vertically and you can tuck in underneath a bed or in a piece of furniture. It is a cool innovation, especially for Vegas. You can make a television come and go to maximize the Strip view.”

The LG television is planned to release this year with a $100,000 price tag.

Technological advances in construction methods are leading to higher levels of energy efficiency. The standard Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index for residential construction is 100. Integrating technology in tandem with enhanced construction methods, Sun West exceeded the HERS Index for both the 2019 and 2020 NAHs.

Original published in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. To read the entire article, go to

Michael Gardner at 2019 The New American Remodel

Business leaders give tips on attracting and keeping millennials

By Valerie Putnam

Members of the generation known as millennials are fast becoming a strong force on the national labor front. According to a Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data, 1-in-3 American workforce members are millennials.

“They are the future,” President and COO of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Gordon Miles said. “It’s exciting watching a new generation get into the business.”

Millennials, typically defined as being born between 1982 and 1996, already account for 20 percent of the BHHS operations Miles oversees in Arizona, California and Nevada.

Several area companies are developing specific strategies to target and recruit talented candidates, known to be a technological-savvy, diverse generation.

Social media

Attracting potential applicants differs from recruiting their mature counterparts. According to, 68 percent of millennials use mobile devices for job searches.

“The new-school approach for attracting talented millennials is social media,” said Michael Gardner, owner of studio g Architecture (sgA) and luxus Design Build. “We found having a social media presence, a lot of younger talented people will find us through those sources.”

Therefore, understanding how to deliver video-driven messages through social media outlets, such as Facebook and Instagram, is vital.

“I approach them on the level that they are communicating in,” Miles said. “Everything they do is interactive. We integrate video and make it quick and to the point so they can consume it and go onto the next thing.”


According to a 2019 Deloitte study, almost 80 percent of millennials say they “would be more motivated and committed at work if they felt their employer made a positive impact on society.”

CEO of Lake Industries and Revenue Media Group Saville Kellner recognizes millennials’ desire to be part of a company aligned with their core values.

“Millennials want a sense of belonging,” Kellner said. “And they want to feel like they are making a difference both to a company and to society as a whole. So, it has been really important for us to be clear about our core values and, specifically, how those align with their goals.”

Kellner also finds millennials more inquisitive and wanting to change jobs often.

“A bigger challenge than attracting the younger generation is the retention of the younger generation, and that is something we’re working on, literally every day,” Kellner said, who said the average tenure is three to four years. “We know that our companies are great places to put down roots. It’s up to us to provide that purpose-driven environment that keeps the younger generation engaged.”

According to a 2016 Gallup poll “How Millennials Want to Work and Live,” millennials change jobs more than the older generation, with around 60 percent of millennials looking for new job opportunities.


Miles noted millennials value direct, honest communication, detailed job descriptions and expectations.

“You can be more direct,” Miles said. “Outlining what is expected to achieve the results they’re looking for. Don’t sugarcoat it as much.”

The Gallup study also found opportunities for advancement are important to half the millennials polled; a percentage that is higher than other generations.

“I think their expectation of us, as the employer,” Gardner said, “is very open, direct communication.”


Besides open communication, a 2018 Deloitte survey details how millennials look for companies that place an importance on work-life balance through programs such as flexible work schedules.

“While we’re still a fairly traditional company in terms of posted office hours,” Kellner said, “We’ve become looser about when people come and go and where work gets done.”

Gardner concurs with the notion millennials are looking for flexible hours.

“Our official office hours are 8 to 5,” Gardner said. “However, we have allowed a flexible work schedule.”


Office culture and work environment play a significant role in attracting and retaining millennials.

Miles had the traditional 6-foot cubical walls lowered to encourage social interaction. The workspace also offers his agents benching areas with tables to sit and work in a communal setting.

“They’re big about the office environment,” Miles said. “They like to be open and collaborative, feel the energy in the room. They don’t want to be sealed away.”

Kellner notes that millennials want a comfortable workplace, stating they want “almost an extension of their homes.”

“We have snack bars with company-supplied food and drinks, a Zen room, great common areas and awesome kitchen facilities,” Kellner said. “The physical layout of our workspace bears almost no resemblance to what it was as recently as two years ago.”

Kellner recently spent over $250,000 on his workspaces to attract the younger generation.

“We’ve reallocated real estate within the building to create additional meeting space for our teams, which has resulted in a whole new level of collaboration between employees that did not exist previously,” Kellner said. “These spaces are in constant use all day long and I think it has absolutely made us more productive.

“I’ve always loved the look and layout of the Apple stores,” Kellner continued. “We wanted that to be top of mind when making these changes and I think we achieved that. Everything is bright, flows well and imparts a feeling of high quality.”

Gardner designed his 4,000-square-foot office space with a large open upper bullpen area and several sub-environments within the office. He has seven employees, over half of which are millennials.

“One thing I’ve learned about millennials is they are very individualistic,” Gardner said about his younger staff. “Meaning every single one, even though we generalize, is very different. So, we’ve done our best to create an environment that they can work in based on how they’re feeling on a specific day or week.”

Gardner’s space also features a snack area, full residential-style kitchen with eat-in bar, cooktop and refrigerator, four conference rooms, one pseudo-private office, surround sound for music and pingpong area.

“All the extra-curricular elements are critical,” Gardner said. “Most of them will put forth the time and effort at their desk but then also want to be able to get up and do something else during the day.”

Corporate learning

Besides extracurricular elements, Gardner believes developing a mentor-style work environment is crucial to the success of his business. He is trying to attract both age demographics to his firms.

“What I found is that to attract great millennials, you need to have great mentors,” Gardner said. “So, in addition to investing in the growth of a younger person, you need to have somebody with a track record to mentor them. You can’t have one with the other.”

In addition to a mentor-style structure, Gardner’s office design encourages communication and learning among staff members.

“All of us including myself sit up in the bullpen area,” Gardner said. “My whole concept behind that is it allows everybody to hear what’s going on.”

Kellner, whose staff consists of 60 percent millennials, uses a different approach. He enlists millennials on staff to help develop ways to attract and retain others in the same demographic.

“No one knows how better to attract a younger workforce than a younger workforce,” Kellner said. “We’ve let the millennials drive a lot of changes. The biggest ones being to the workspaces and overall culture. They’ve helped us find new and creative ways to attract, engage and retain customers for our products that have helped us expand our market significantly.”

Between his two companies, Kellner offers graphic design, sales and marketing, customer service, clerical and warehouse positions.

“We have millennials in every department of both companies,” Kellner said. “Many of whom are in supervisory and management positions.”


Conjointly with office culture and environment, technology is a significant factor for retaining the millennial employee.

“Technology is a big thing,” Miles said. “Years ago, I could put in a wireless system that would accommodate one device for every person. The younger generation walks in carrying four devices per head.”

Accommodating the additional strain on the system requires businesses to install infrastructure upgrades.

“Your infrastructure has to be different to accommodate the millennials,” Miles said.

Miles invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in technology upgrades, including installing fiber to ensure a wider bandwidth for his staff and integrating efficient applications such as G Suite from Google, an integrated suite of cloud-based computing, productivity and collaboration products that travel with the user.


“I think it’s important to bring in the younger generation because they’re going to bring a whole different perspective to an office environment,” Gardner said. “And the other pseudo selfish reason is I think it makes me better. I think they push me so it helps me not become complacent.”

Original published in Las Vegas Business Press.  To read more of the issue go to

2019 The New American Remodel


Michael Gardner creates a masterpiece of technology, design and home performance at The New American Remodel.


BY Jessi C. Acuna

Local architect Michael Gardner is no stranger to showcasing innovation and design in his projects.  The sought-after designer has left his mark in Las Vegas’ most prestigious neighborhoods – Spanish Trail, The Ridges, Ascaya.  So it’s no surprise he was tasked as the visionary behind The New American Remodel, the official show home of National Association of Home Builders’ annual gathering.  Located in a historic neighborhood on Pinto Lane, this is the first in Gardner’s portfolio for his new all-in-one design-build service firm, Luxus Design Build.
You Previously did homes in 2013 and 2016.  What are some of the most innovative elements of the 2019 home?  Form a technology standpoint, the full integration of the home with the Crestron system, you’re able to control everything. The home security, all of the lighting, your fire features, your television, all your mechanical systems are all integrated through an app.  You’re able to control the house from within the home, out in the orchard or 10,000 miles away.
What about the sustainability standards? As far as the technology that most people didn’t see, we call it a building science design approach.  We built these wall assemblies and roof assemblies to mitigate any heat gain or mitigate as much heat gain to the home as possible.  We created this nice tight thermal envelope, really reducing the thermal bridging.
Which feature would you like to see in other Las Vegas Homes as we continue to grow?  The biggest thing, which is the most different than a lot of the other homes, is this gas heat pump HVAC system.  The efficiency to cost benefit is one of the best investments clients can make, especially when you pair it with solar because you can really then start to offset a lot more of your costs.
What are the trends to look out for? The sizes of homes are starting to dwindle, especially on the higher end.  The days of 20,000-30,000-square-foot houses are becoming much more of an anomaly.  People are spending a lot more money on higher-quality materials and getting more sophisticated with the palette of the materials – creating the use and contrast of smooth and textural environments so it’s this transition.
Original published in Modern Luxury Vegas Magazine.  To read more of the issue go to

2019 The New American Home

New American Remodel built for energy efficiency

Published in Las Vegas Review Journal By Kristen Peterson Real Estate Millions on May 17, 2019.

Having recently completed a LEED-designated home in Spanish Trail, the Las Vegas architect selected for the National Association of Home Builders’ New American Remodel was going all-in on the farm-to-table concept. And with net-zero energy consumption, he was aiming for the National Green Building Standard’s Emerald designation.

“Everybody talks about buildings and being sustainable,” Gardner said while standing inside the dining room of the nearly 6,000-square-foot downtown home with sliding glass walls that look onto a landscaped courtyard and living space. “But I’ve always felt that there’s this loop that we needed to close.”

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It is a rating system used by the U.S. Green Building Council to measure a building’s efficiency.

Walking through the home’s main kitchen and past the prep kitchen, which includes an urban cultivator for microgreens, Gardner headed into the backyard, with an orchard, gardens, grape vines and a chicken coop. The home’s ample refrigeration and freezers store the harvests and the daily eggs from the chickens.

“We’ve gotten to this very scary place where some children think that a tomato comes from a grocery store, that it doesn’t come from the ground,” said Gardner, principal of Studio G Architecture and Luxus Design Build, who advocates holistic architecture and sustainability. “When we have that detachment, we take a lot of things for granted.”

The 2019 New American Remodel at 2720 Pinto Lane, which debuted at the International Builder’s Show in February and sold for $4.6 million in April, features a West Coast-contemporary design with mid-mod elements: flat rooflines, clerestory windows and textured light stone that continues indoors.

The five-bedroom, two-story home comes with solar energy, a home automation system, an indoor elevator, gated entry and clever recreational vehicle storage.

Its exterior of natural materials — textured stone, wood and Kingspan metal — is influenced by other homes in the neighborhood.

Working with participating suppliers and contractors, Gardner gutted the home and removed unsound walls to open up the floor plan. He extended the home deeper into the property so that it and its three-car garage wraps around a strategically shaded landscaped courtyard with its own full kitchen, swimming pool, outdoor living room and natural design elements.

Gardner, who was architect for the 2013 and 2016 New American Homes, said this was his first New American Remodel project and the first home he both designed and built. The project, engineered and designed by his Luxus Design Build, allowed him to create the home as if he were going to live there.

“This is kind of an urban-esque environment with all the properties built in around,” he said. “There’s no opportunity for a view, like in newer developments where everyone plays up the view, so we had to kind of create our own view.”

The central outdoor courtyard is the home’s focal point. Glass walls in the main rooms look out and open up to it. Inside, the spacious, high-ceiling living room, anchored by a large white stone fireplace, recessed ceilings and indirect lighting, complemented by natural colors and varying textures, creates intimacy and warmth. Clean lines, organic materials and textures provide a sense of calm. Porcelain floor tiles, designed to look like concrete, continue throughout the home.

When Gardner opens the sliding-glass walls of the living room, the inside and outside entertainment areas are one. The main kitchen, a gorgeous minimalist area with ample counter space and bar seating, also opens to the teak-tiled courtyard.

A stairway off the dining room leads to a cozy, second-floor sitting room that opens through a bookcase into a spacious master bedroom with a kitchenette, high windows, master bath and large walk-in closet/dressing room. A door opens to an outdoor “catwalk” connecting to the second- floor outdoor kitchen and entertainment area with a high-end pizza oven and framed views of rooftops and trees.

“With remodels, you don’t know what you’re getting into,” said Gardner, who is LEED AP-certified and a member of the U.S. Green Building Council. “We tried to maintain as much as we could.”

When designing the remodel, Gardner studied the outdoor spaces as the sun moved across the sky to determine the best energy efficiency. Overhangs, walls and specialized window sizes are among the many elements designed to keep the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

To pay homage to the home’s original owner, a Union Pacific Railroad engineer, railroad tiles that were left on the property were incorporated into walls and gates and used as other functional and decorative enhancements, including gates enclosing downstairs bedroom patios.

In all, the elegant quiet, spacious home, custom-built to blend in with the neighborhood and its rich history, as well as the desert climate, doubles as a zen-like retreat, an escape from the outside world with private indoor-outdoor living.

“The stigma for Vegas homes is often glitzy and poorly designed houses,” Gardner said. “The level of design is getting significantly better. But we still have that shock-and-awe, casino-type design mentality here. It’s important to show that that’s not necessarily always the case.”


About the Home
Price: Sold for $4.6 million

Location: 2720 Pinto Lane

Size: Sits on 2 acres, 6,000 square feet, two stories, five bedrooms, three-car garage.

Features: Energy efficient, solar energy, a home automation system, an indoor elevator, gated entry, center courtyard, two outdoor kitchens, clever recreational vehicle storage, orchard and chicken coop.

History: Michael Gardner of Studio G Architecture designed and built the 2019 New American Home Remodel for the National Association of Home Builders’ International Builder’s Show, which was held in Las Vegas in February. It was sold in April for $4.6 million.

To view the full article click here.

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LG Solar Panels, Energy Star Appliances Bring Green Technology To 2019 ‘New American Remodel’ Home

LG Named Official Partner for NAHB’s Net-Zero Showcase Home

This article was originally published at PRNewsWire, written by LG Electronics USA, on February 20, 2019.

Advanced solar panels and energy efficient home appliances from LG Electronics are delivering high-performance energy savings and unparalleled design to The New American Remodel® (TNAR), the official show home of the 2019 International Builders’ Show® in Las Vegas this week.

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) named LG Electronics USA official partner for the “net zero” TNAR home in the Nevada desert. The New American Remodel is a state-of-the-art modern day marvel that exemplifies how even the most basic house can be transformed into a high-performance home when integrating today’s building practices that enhance energy efficiency, indoor-air quality, safety and universal design.

Michael Gardner, principal of studio g ARCHITECTURE and Luxus Design Build, builder of The New American Remodel 2019, said, “We hope this ‘net zero’ home, designed and being built to achieve the NGBS (National Green Building Standards) ‘Emerald’ designation, will feel totally different than all other show homes.” Supported by LG solar panels and efficient appliances, “TNAR blends West Coast design with farm-style living, and integrates a heavy use of organic materials and elements of nature to bring it all together.”

LG NeON 2 Solar Panels

Key to TNAR’s environmental sustainability is the rooftop installation of high-efficiency LG solar modules. All told, four dozen 60-cell LG NeON 2® solar panels are powering the home. These 330-watt panels combine a new level of performance and flexibility for homeowners seeking to save on utility bills and take positive steps for the environment. LG NeON 2 panels, supported by best-in-class 25-year product and performance warranties, feature LG’s Cello™ technology that reduces electrical loss, while boosting power output and reliability.

LG Ultimate Laundry Room

A highlight of TNAR is the “LG Ultimate Laundry Room,” built around an ENERGY STAR® certified LG front-load washer-dryer pair. It also features the premium LG Styler clothing care system. With the gentle power of steam (no chemicals), the LG Styler reduces wrinkles and odors from clothing to extend the life of clothing in between dry cleanings. It’s certified as asthma and allergy friendly® by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and can refresh up to four garments – including pressing a pair of pants – simultaneously. The LG Styler was honored this week by the NAHB Leading Suppliers Council with the 2019 Spark Award for innovation in the residential building industry.

Another NAHB project in Las Vegas this week, The New American Home, also features the LG Ultimate Laundry Room, highlighted by LG TWINWash,™ the industry’s first two-washer system. The traditional LG front-load washer with the LG SideKick™ pedestal washer enables consumers to tackle two loads of laundry at once or independently. The LG Ultimate Laundry Room’s lineup of ENERGY STAR certified washers and dryers lead the industry in reliability, according to a leading U.S. consumer products publication. The recognition adds to LG’s already distinguished reputation. LG home appliances earned more 2018 J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Awards for appliances than any other manufacturer for the second year in a row.*

LG ENERGY STAR Certified 4K Ultra HD TVs

Rounding out the energy efficient technologies in TNAR are LG ENERGY STAR® certified TVs featured throughout home, from “Man-Cave” to the great room to the master bedroom. These 75-, 65- and 55-inch class LG 4K Ultra HD TVs deliver four times the resolution of HDTV with advanced smart and artificial intelligence capabilities.

New Energy Storage Systems

During Design & Construction Week, across town at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the LG booth at the 2019 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (#C6307) is highlighting LG Electronics’ entry into the fast-growing U.S. market for residential energy storage solutions, complementing the company’s solar module technologies. LG has introduced two advanced new LG Energy Storage Systems for American homeowners: an AC-coupled 5.0 kW system for those who already have solar panels of any type on their homes and a DC-coupled 7.6 kW system as part of a new installation of LG solar panels.

Each year, the The New American Remodel program selects an existing home for a comprehensive remodel to demonstrate the very latest in building techniques, concepts, materials and designs. Thousands of building professionals from around the world come to tour TNAR and leave with countless ideas to incorporate into their own projects.

Tours of the home are offered to all registered attendees of the 2019 International Builders’ Show and the 2019 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, through Feb. 21. Complimentary shuttle buses from the Las Vegas Convention Center to the show home are available.

About LG Solar

LG Solar is a leading provider of high-efficiency solar modules to the U.S. commercial and residential markets. The U.S. LG Solar business is part of the LG Electronics USA Business Solutions division based in Lincolnshire, Ill. LG’s U.S. solar module production will start in Huntsville, Ala., in spring 2019. LG Electronics USA Inc., headquartered in Englewood Cliffs, N.J., is the North American subsidiary of LG Electronics, Inc., a $54 billion global innovator in technology and manufacturing.

About LG Electronics USA

LG Electronics USA, Inc., based in Englewood Cliffs, N.J., is the North American subsidiary of LG Electronics, Inc., a $55 billion global innovator in technology and manufacturing. In the United States, LG sells a wide range of innovative home appliances, home entertainment products, mobile phones, commercial displays, air conditioning systems, solar energy solutions and vehicle components. LG is a 2018 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year-Sustained Excellence.

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The New American Home Remodel Phase 4

[vc_row row_type=”row” type=”full_width” text_align=”left” video=”” css_animation=””][vc_column][vc_column_text]We are thrilled to watch how this home has come together.  Everyone has been spectacular to work with.  Everything is coming together extremely nicely and we look forward to unveiling the final product at the International Builders Show in February.  Stay tuned to our YouTube channel and blog for more videos and photos.


The Video Transcript:

Everything is going great we are kind of in the last stretch of everything.  We have pretty much got most of the exterior completed it’s pretty spectacular to see it get to this point.  You know we took a lot of inspiration from the neighborhood.  This neighborhood is really kind of an old-school Vegas rural agricultural area, we wanted to keep consistency through the home.  You will notice that when you go through the home, there is the same stone inside and outside, the same colors and textures and so we wanted it to feel more like a home rather than a show home.


The interior cabinets are coming out spectacular, Wood Mode has done a great job at providing us some beautiful cabinets that are really unique.  We are starting on all the tile floor and we’re starting to set recessed cans so things are going pretty smooth.


Everybody is really excited to see the kingspan metal on the exterior it’s really unique.  We are utilizing a new application for the exterior stone, we are getting tons of compliments on the design of that and how we installed it in the dry stack configuration.  Environmental Stern Works is awesome to work with, their whole crew, the installers have been spectacular.  This was kind of a great collaboration you know they have been really receptive.  It took a little while to get the color figured out, there was a lot of back and forth and that’s what’s been great about working with them. They have really stepped up to help us deliver the look and feel that we want this house to have.


Everybody that has been a part of the home has been spectacular.  We had a vision of creating this rustic, modern, organic composition and everybody’s really seeing it now.   I think everybody is really buying into how unique this house is and it’s great to see all these pieces that you know were all single elements become a whole in the home.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]